Element Fire Starter Survival Kit SK-1 Lv1

Element Fire Starter Survival Kit SK-1 Lv1


The Element Fire Starter Kit SK-1 is a level 1 exclusive kit designed to give you the basic essential element of fire when you need it. This kit contains 16 pieces of high quality survival equipment designed for starting a fire in any condition. 

This kit uses a high quality Maxpedition brand Fatty Pouch for keeping for kit together and plenty of room for extras. This kit features five different fire starting devices made by UST, USO, and Light my Fire brands. A butane lighter, two different types of survival matches with case, a fire striker kit, and a fuel-free lighter electric lighter with an LED light and charging cord. 

This kit also contains two 1oz metal containers to store fire starting elements, wood wire saw, as well as two types of fire starter elements by UST.  

The kit also contains a Morekniv Companion stainless steel 4.3 inch knife with pouch.

This Survival kit is designed for the adventurer, camper, angler, survivalist, prepper, military or enthusiast who is looking for a compact fire starting kit that does not disappoint. This kit offers the basic elements to start a life saving heat source for food, heat, and comfort.  This is a great edition to any bugout bag, home preparedness, put in your car or Jeep or home made survival kit. All pieces of this kit are brand new.

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